That's a good one, I wish I knew!

This particular 1970 Plymouth Road Runner has obviously had a pretty chequered history, which is evident by the fact that there is absolutely nothing on this car that could slow it down, only things to help make it go faster.

The engine has been tweaked, it currently has a B&M megashifter, headers, a big Holley, cherry bombs, traction bars and the rear wheel arches have been rolled to get the largest possible tyres in.

This old bird has seen some action.

So, what DO we know?

It's certainly a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner pillar coupe, with a 383, a 727 Torqueflite and a 3.55:1 Sure Grip Axle. It was originally from California (it has all the pipes, tubes and vapour nonsense) where it spent a considerable part of its life as there is virtually no rust on the car at all.

From California it found it's way into the hands of Randy someone (I'll try and dig his name out) in Washington and the Road Runner's life as street and strip racer, with very little cleaning and polishing going on, continued.

It was originally B7 Jamaica Blue with a custom décor two tone blue interior, bench seats, column shifter and the Rallye dash with Tic Toc Tac.

Manual Steering, manual drum brakes, no air conditioning, no power windows, no nothing…apart from the optional air grabber hood system to get more air into the engine.

As you can see it's currently a bit "Two Lane Black Top" in primer with a couple of bucket seats bolted in and not a lot of trim left.

In fact it's a great place to start and when it's finished it will look just like it came out of the factory…but that's where the similarity ends!