Sunbeam Alpine GT

It's June 2007, it's pouring with rain and with the help of my old mate Trevor, we've managed to get the old wreck home with the aid of a tow bar loaned to us by the ever helpful guys, Roger and Andy at Monkfish Performance down the road in Great Horwood.

It's all a bit early to tell what the old car is really like, but I have a feeling that although it may appear to be a green mossy heap with holey floors, it is surprisingly sound in the important areas of the inner and outer sills as the door gaps are just as they were when it left the Coventry factory in 1967. What's more it's incredibly original.

Anyway, I'll stoke up the old Hasselblad and get a few snaps going soon and start a another on line restoration to keep you entertained as I try to bring the old girl (June is the name, apparently) back to it's original factory condition. No mods on this one, it's going to be rock stock, even to the ridiculously narrow tyres, chrome hub caps and wheel trims.

I'd better roll my sleeves up and turf the poor old Road Runner out of the Supershed then...well it is supposed to be summer...oh, and here's a shot of what it should look like, when I've finished, but without the Scandanavian registration and the steering wheel on the right side.



Well I've got the old Alpine home and started the monster job of stripping it down to a bare shell. These things are well known for being able to fall apart due to corrosion attack, while you are looking at them, so the entire car is coming apart and the shell will be soda blasted, etch primed, painted and every nook and cranny treated with Bilt-Hamber Dybax corrosion protection.

Meanwhile, here';s the car coming apart and as you can see, in typical Chrysler fashion, the front cross member, brakes and suspension, together with the engine and gearbox comes straight out of the bottom, just like the factory put it all in in the first place...easy jon if you've got a big enough crane!

At the risk of boring you all to death, the shell, front cross member and suspension in one unit and the rear axle and springs are being soda blasted at the moment.

This gentle form of cleaning is revealing the original metal so it will be easier to strip and rebuild.

Here are some close ups before and after of the suspension and the cross member. Shell should be done in the next couple of weeks, meanwhile the engine strip has revealed a very low mileage motor in pretty good shape.

Which is nice!

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