September 2003

This month is gonna be a bit short on progress, because I'm off to Sanibel Island, Florida...yes!

After a year like we've had, Rosie and I need some serious chilling out. But I may be able to et along to a speed shop or two in my Chrysler LeBaron hire car!

Well, the first piece of news is that the Energy Suspension urethan bush kit has arrived and it is the correct one for the Hemi springs. I had to drill out the old bushes and you must remove the original metal bush in the spring eye, but they went in a treat and are ready to assemble with the rebuilt axle, replacement tank and air shocks. By the way I've removed all the ECS system pipes, but kept them all in case some future owner is a complete anorak.

Next piece of news is Chipmunks! Yep, I wondered where all the stuffing went from out of the back seat and once I'd removed the passenger side rear quarter panel trim, I found it. Our little furry freinds and built themselves a lovely nest two feet deep in the quarter panel...check out the before and after pictures!

Sadly, all I found were some rather crispy remains that had resulted in a bit of surface rust inside the panel, but we won't go into the gory details.

Right, I've got me ex army drill shorts, braces, knotted hanky and mozzie repellent and ready for some sunshine and a full tank of gas for eight dollars!