October 2004

Right, no more slacking, holiday's over and it's time to get a wriggle on!

First job on the agenda this month is to rebuild the rest of the front suspension and the front brakes. I've stripped everything down and apart from the lower control arm bushes and the wheel cylinders, which despite taking a hone to them are completely useless, the only thing that worried me was the play in the lower control arm torsion bar links.

Anyway, a phone round to various knowledgeable people including the excellent Alex Doig confirmed, that "some are loose...some are so tight, you have to hit them with a hammer, but when they are all back together, you won't notice any difference!"

I've just picked up some brand new wheel cylinders from US Automotive and ordered some LCA bushes, so I can start putting more things together, including my lovely shiny K frame.

It's getting towards the end of the month and Mister Benn is moaning that I'm not posting enough information, so despite still lacking photographic evidence, I can confirm that the driver's side suspension is back together with new bushes, seals and a lovely new brake cylinder.

The passenger side is a different story. Good old US Automotive had supplied me two drivers side cylinders, which means that everything's ready to go together, but I have to wait for the replacement to arrive.

But not being one to waste an opportunity, I've started on the the Torqueflite transmission which has involved filling the entire workshop with a lovely mixture of black paraffin, 35 years worth of crud from the transmission casing and transmission fluid...why they don't put a drain plug on these things I'll never know, but the B&M Transkit I have includes a drain plug conversion for the pan...which is nice.

So, the last weekend in October should see the transmission in a million bits and the B&M Transkit going in...which should be fun because the last transmission I rebuilt must have been more than 25 years ago!