November 2004

Time flies when you're having fun and stripping down a Torqueflite is one load of fun, I can tell you...snap rings, circlips, razor sharp accordian springs, ball bearing and detent springs boinging everywhere, you can't beat it.

Anyway, it's the first day of November and the transmission was completely stripped at the weekend and I've already started to incorporate the B&M Transkit midifications, like drilling the valve body and all the rest of it, but there still seems to be a shedload of bits left.

Here's a shot of the casing and various clutchy type bits, give me a week and this lot will be nailed together and ready to be married up with the new high stall converter and bolted onto the motor.

Well, this weekend was a cracker, after pulling the box to pieces five times trying to find why I had 150 thou end play in the input shaft, I pushed the pump fully home for the first time and hooray, everything is spot on, though that's no guarantee that it will work!

So, with everything together, I put on the new Mopar Performance flexplate and torques that up, bolted up the new Mancini 10 inch converter and on with the gearbox.

I even started getting the ancillaries on, like the high torque mini starter and checked the clearance with the new Hooker Competition headers...we're back on track again.

Next it's the engine bay odds and sods, like the throttle pedal stuff, gearshift bracketry, maybe the heater (though that does mean I'll have to get the interior prepped and painted) and we can start bolting the motor to the K frame and get the motor in.