November 2003

Great! The Supershed is warm and dry, the boys at R-M have matched the original B7 Jamaica Blue spot on using the original Chrysler formulation and I have a load of R-M Euroxy, which is the super tough epoxy primer, so we're cooking on gas.

Before I could prep and paint the underside, it made sense to straighten out the inside of the trunk and one thing led to another, I was straightening out the rear quarters, which involved pulling some nasty damage that was inaccessible due to the double skins.

Blackhawk came to the rescue once again with the Porto Power and the superb WEL 100 unit which enabled me to pull out dents using wiggle wire and pins, what's more, it enabled me to shrink any high spots with the shrinking tip. I've taken some shots and shoul have these uploaded next week showing how things are progressing...the old girl is one hell of a lot straighter than she was two weeks ago!

Here's a shot of my elbow pulling out a very nasty dent in the rear quarter using the wiggle wire puller.

The rear quarter is now straight, I've stripped out the underseal from the rear arches and these are back to the metal ready for anti rust treatment and re-undersealing.

I'm going for the underseal to try and keep some of the noise down on the street, meanwhile I have unrolled the rear arches as I have found that wny using the correct backspacing I can get a tyure with a 12 inch section width in the arch, without the tryres rubbing...that also means I can get some decent slicks in too!