May 2016

Yes, it's been two years, what with the pressures of work and everything else going on, the poor old Alpine has just been tucked up warm and dry in the workshop, while various other things took precedence, but now we are back track, with renewed vigour.

So, with a zing and a zang and a bing bang bong, it waas back to work so I can at least get the underside sorted.

After prepping all the underside and welding a few spots I'd missed, I treated the entire underbody and engine bay to two coats of Hydrate 80, killing any tiny bits of corrosion that could be hiding unerneath and providing protection against further attack.

Then it was time for the 3M spray on stonechip to protect those areas of the car open to attack from gravel rash and all the other stuff thrown up by the tyres, so the wheel arches, the battery box and the thinner parts of the body including my new floor sections. They were all given the treatment...what's more it hid some of my rather less than pretty welding (which is very strong, with good penetration, I must add) anyway, I'm always reminding myself, this is a driver, not a show car!

Next month, the underneath will all look resplendant in Glasurit 68 Line Forest Green and I can fit all the new brake lines I ordered from Automec in Buckingham (if I can remember where they go!)