May 2014

I know, it's been a huge break since I lust updated progress on the old Alpine, but the building the driveways resulted in me accidentally digging up the drains and they needed to be replaced...then Rosie said, while yoiu are there, we can put in an en-suite bathroom and one thing led to another and 18 months later, I've got back on the case.

Now last time I posted, I was looking for the runners for the seats and once again, one thing led to seems to be a recurring theme in my life... and despite the shell of the car being very solid and very strong, just look at the boot floor for instance:

Alas, the floors were paper thin in places, so I bit the bullet and replaced all the thin panels with new metal, so the floors may not be as pretty as they once were but they are nice and solid.

...I even made half a new battery box...

...and I never found those seat runners, so I made all four from new steel, using the old ones as patterns and to ensure they were spot on, bolted up the actual sliding seat runners as jigs so the captive bolts were all in the right place.

So, after hours and hours with the snips, air saw, nibbler the hammers and dollies, MIG and oxy actylene, the main part of the shell is done now. I have a few more patch panels to make for the heater intakes under the scuttle, straighten out and weld in the front valance and manufacture a small patch panel under the front lip of the bonnet slam panel...onward and upward!