May 2004

It all seems to be going so slowly at the moment. I think it's because engine building is something you can't hurry, especially if you are building a performance motor.

Cleanliness and accuracy is vital, what's more, I've got to wait for parts to arrive, which is a bit of a hassle. Anyway, enough of the dreary stuff, what's been happening?

Well, the engine and 'box is out and I'm glad to say that it's exactly what I was expecting, a 1970 383...OK the numbers don't match, but at least the numbers on the Torqueflyte should be OK, by the looks of it! So, after hours of cleaning with the old bristly brush and a gallon of paraffin, the engine was clean enough to dismantle and apart from 80 thou end float in the crank (blimey, must have been in front of a four speed before!) the motor is as sound as a pound.

The bores are clean and standard showing absolutely no sign of wear, the crank is ground 30 in the mains and 10 on the rod journals and luickily, they are in great condition, so it's Clevite 77 fully grooved all round I think!

The great news is that the oil pick up had already been drilled and tapped for the big bore pick up and, thinking it's a bout time I had a bit of good luck, the Milodon deep pick up screwed straight in. Great! At the time of writing I've ported the heads according to the Mopar templates and I have some big valves winging their way over the Atlantic at the moment. I'm using stock valve springs and retainers for the time being, because I'm hoping to get enough cash together for a set of Eddy heads...but that won't be for a while yet.

The crank went in last night and tonight, the long job of gapping all those moly rings starts...I feel a headache coming on...