May 2005

It's getting closer! Managed to get the doors straightened out, the passenger door is twisted a little, but that is easily remedied, but the drivers door was very bent.

With lots of patience and a slection of hammers and dollies, I've managed to straighten the door out and it will only need the lightest skim of filler to get the surface right and ready for priming.

This inside of the doors was cleaned up using a rotary wire brush and a DA sander with three grades of disk, two coats of Euroxy, a couple of base coats and two coats of Crystaltop clear and the result is just like the factory, with plenty of depth of gloss.

I'll stick the little bird on the passenger door, when I've got the car painted and the windows in.

As this has turned into more of a restoration rather than a restification, I even went as far as masking off the door tag, cutting around it with a scalpel and putting a couple of coats of clear over the top.

Stop me if I start talking about Polyglas whitewalls will you?