March 2005

Despite the lack of photographs (which I hope to remedy this weekend) things are going reasonably well, and apart from the odd mystery wire and relay, the wiring is virtually complete and everything appears to be even goes Beep Beep!

I stripped out all the wiring so I could correct any faults and modify the loom so the back up lights and front parking lights could be used as amber indicators, while I've moved the sidelights into the headlights.

The Year One reproduction dash pad is about an inch short, which was a bit of a blow, but as it was the only alternative to repairing the two cracked dash pads I had, which didn't turn out very well at all, I suppose I'll have to lump it.

Ah, the steering wheel came out very wheel, even though I could have taken more time over it, but I'm more interested in driving the car than polishing the steeing wheel. The Sealerplast 80 went on beautifully and then I simply basecoated it in Thunder Blue and gacvve it a couple of coats of Crystal top...check out the snap!

The Vinylkote material I used to colour the arm rests (which were white) the kick panels (which were green) and the dash pad (which was black) worked very well...apart from the dash pad, where it didn't stick first time around. The company supplied me with acleaner rather than the preparation stuff I'd asked for, but thanks to Uncle Roger, I blagged a spot from him, prepped and resprayed the dash pad again and all seems to be well, fingers crossed.

Anyway, the heater box is nice and clean and back in, the dash is installed, the radio now works, but finding an aerial is proving a bit of a challenge...all the UK ones are way too short both in height and the length of the coax!

I have also recoloured the dash mounted demister vents and piped those in and jolly smart they look to.

I'll try and get some more snaps sorted, though progress doesn't actually LOOK that dramatic!