March 2004

We're off to a racing start this month following refinishing of the trunk interior and it won't be long before the rear end of the old Beeper is sorted. Just the rear window recess to be prepped, the rear quarters given some final finishing and it will be ready for paint.

Anyway, I went over the whole deck lid and found that the rear panel had been hit with a really powerful disk sander...looks like about ten grit! So, I've got quite a bit of external skin damage to sort and careful prep. I will be applying three coatsof Multifiller to bury any remaining scratch marks and get that deck nice and smooth.

The interior of the lid was pretty good and I managed to prep everything down with a DA sander and a grey Scotchbrite for the awkward bits. Following a coat of Euroxy etch primer, I applied one and half coats of Diamont basecoat and one and half coats of Crystaltop clear and the result is superb.

What a shame the deck led isn't square with the trunk...I think a little judicious bending should sort that rogether with a call to Year one for some of those rubber bumpers...together with the other five grands worth of Year One stuff I need to finish the car!

I also used the opportunity to prep and paint the rear light housings and the rear quarter extensions.

These were all slightly damaged in one way or another. I straightened the light housings with a Blackhawk Porto-Power bird beak spreader, which enabled me to apply just enough pressure to straighten them without breaking the housings. The scratches I filled with Evercoat Rage Gold filler, prior to etch priming and top coating...apart from a few dust nibs, which are inevitable, when you don't have your own spray booth, the finish is great and the B7 looks pukka.