March 2011

Great news, the body is back from A&C Soda Blasting in Westcott, Buckinghamshire and may I say what a fantastic job was done by Ann and Kez. Originally a pal of mine in Birmingham, was going to do the job, but when A&C started up just five minutes down the road, I would have been mad to drag the shell all the way up to Birmingham and back!

Anyway, the shell is absolutely spotless, the soda blasting removing all the paint, primer, filler, underseal and corrosion leaving a very clean finish that unlike shot blasting has not hacked the steel to death, but left every factory detail intact, even the heat spread of the factory spot welding.

Here is a general shot of the rear bulkhead, showing how the soda blasting gets into all the nooks and crannies.

...and here is the driver's door shut...

...this shot inside the boot shows the factory spot welds and the heat spread on the panels...

...while this shot on the driver's side inner wing cleary shows the spot welding and the clean "factory" steel finish.