June 2011

Right, the body is coming along slowly but shortly, but a fancied a change, so I turned my attention to the motor.

I had been reliably informed the motor had done hardly any miles and upon stripping it down and measuring the crank, the bores and pistons, I found absolutely everything was within factory tolerence...which was nice!

So, rather than just throw it all back together, I stripped everything down to the bare block, removed the core plugs and using a mixture of boiling water, descaler and a pressure washer, cleaned out the block and I'm glad I did, despite the low mileage it was badly silted up.

Anyway, it's as clean a whistle now and I've replaced all the core plugs with new ones, using just a drop of hi temp silicone selare around each plug.

New main bearings, new big end bearings, new seals, new rings, properly gapped and the engine is assembled with a standard factory camshaft...which, when degreeing it to ensure it was dialled in properly, is actually quite "hot" I reckon...everything torqued up, new gaskets, measured the oil pump for clearance, ensured the dizzy drive was in the right place and gave it all a nice coat of black engine lacquer...right now the water pump...