June 2004

Well, well...first of all, I thought we'd do a spot of porting, until I could afford some Eddy heads....and as good as their word, Summit delivered the Mopar Performance porting templates bang on schedule.

Lovely, out with the die grinder, being very careful not to take off too much metal and four days later, we had ports as big as Southampton. The only problem is that although the exhaust valves were spot on, cut the seats and everything went in as sweet as a nut, things looked mighty close on the inlet valves...in fact, I thought the valves were gonna drop down the holes!

Anyway, off to Mancini's this time and amongst a batch of stuff I got shipped over was a set of Manley big valves...they'll fill the hole up! Managed to scrounge a 30 degree valve seat cutter from a friend who just happened to have a suitable one from a Gypsy Major aero engine, but could I find a 45 degree cutter large enough? Not on your nelly.

That was three weeks ago. The entire engine is assembled and beatifully finished in Street Hemi Orange, which looks suspiciously like BL Vermillion, the only things missing are the inlet valves...and that was it, I was stuck.

So after wasting all that time waiting, I've wrapped the engine up and got back onto the body and the first thing I did was fabricate my own frame connectors, to tie the front and rear subrafames together and stiffen the whole body up, particularly when launching at the strip, when the torque can twist the body and tear the floor!

I'll see if I can get some snaps posted to demonstrate that despite all the hold ups, progress is being made...now does anyone have a 2.14" diameter 45 degree valve seat cutter?

Found one! Can't say where, but it's the grinders used on a large piston engined bomber, that just happen to be the same size, so in short, the engine's back together!

The specification is as follows:

Standard 383 block, casting flash removed and oilways reamed and radiused.

Standard crank, forged rods with ARP bolts pistons and moly rings

906 heads ported with Manley stainless valves.

Comp Cams Extreme Energy camshaft with Crane lifters and Summit True Roller timing set.

Milodon eight quart oil pan and Melling high volume pump.

Edelbrock Torker 383 single plane manifold with Holley 3310 750 vac secondaries.

Hooker competition headers 1 7/8" primaries and 3" collectors.

Should toodle along quite nicely...