June 2016

Still underneath, covered in primer dust, things are now beginning to look more like it. The Hydrate 80 corresion protection has worked very well proving an excellent substrate for the stonechip and the Glasurit 2K primer filler, which I've scothchbrited and applied two full coats of Glasurit 68 Line matched the the factory records of Forest Green and it's looking a lot smarter.

That block of wood is a safety measure by the way, it's not holding the whole car up, there are bolts holding the rotisserie at that angle! I've left the front valance as I can't weld that back on until I've mounted the rear axle, all the new brake lines and unbolted it from the rotisserie...and talking of the back axle, I've had that soda blasted, checked it over for backlash, damaged gears etc and it's sound as a pound, so I prepped that with Hydrate 80 too.

The slave cylinders and brakes will be overehauled and replaced as necessary and the axle will be primed and painted in two pack black then fitted with new brake pipes and new spring bushes as necessary and I can whack that on once the car is on the level.