June 2005

The Nationals gets closer by the day, so I can't spend too much time updating the old wibbly wobbly web site, so please be patient, while I give you a high speed update!

Five weeks solid bodywork preparation and I've managed to get it pretty straight, thanks to Uncle Roger's patented perspex sanding board. It's not 100 point straight but tidy enough for a driver and at the moment, that'll do me.

After weeks of sanding back virtually all the body to bare metal, I applied two coats of etch primer followed by three coats of R-M Multifiller Black and air dried the lot in the shed.

Then came what appeared at first sight to be a Godsend, but in reality sent everything downhill fast.

I got the offer of a professional spraybooth and oven at the BASF training school in Didcot, perfect I thought, but torrential rain on the trip down with the car on a trailer meant the entire car got soaked. First thing to do was dry it out with half an hour in the oven at 60 degrees C.

That's when it all went a bit wrong, some of the existing repairs and fragments of original paint I'd left alone decided to sink and the final result was going to be less than satisfactory. Anyway, I sanded it all back, reprimed it again and still the repairs showed through, even the stripes on the hood, most of which was sanded back to the metal.

To cut a long story short, I got a bit of techniocal support from the team at BASF and all my original primer has been sanded back, sealed and primed again...I'm basecoating and lacquering the car on Friday with fingers firmly crossed that I have better luck this time!