July 2011

So let's do a proper job shall we? I won't just clean up the water pump, give it a spin and bolt it on, I'll strip it down according to the factory workshop manual, check the bearings and put new seals in it.

Well that was the plan.

Pressing out the spindle the impellor shattered, I then had the fun of getting what remained if the impellor off the spindle without damaging anything...now I have to try and find an impellor as well as the rebuild kit!

I love old cars.

No, really...here's the water pump in bits...














...and here's the impellor and the seals/thrower etc...time for a new one? it won't be much good as an exchange will it!

Just in case anyone's interested, I had a mosey around in a pals old parts store and found another 1725 water pump.

I gave it a twirl, there was no slack in the bearings, but it was a bit stiff. I tried all the usual tricks, but in the end end thought I'd try once again and follow the factory manual's guidelines and press out the shaft.

Crack! Would you believe it, the impeller on this one was made of composite fibre, not cast iron!

Turning it over it didn't have four blades on the impeller, but five, which I thought can only help cooling, so I reassembled the whole thing and with the help of Araldite, glued the impeller back onto the shaft and all is running smoothly now, but I'd still be interested to know what 1725 is fitted with a five bladed composite impeller.

I'll take my anorak off now!