July 2003

Really, I need a digital camera, because I've done a whole stack of work since I last updated the site, but I didn't want to bore everyone with words and no pictures.

Well, you'll have to lump it until I get the next batch of film processed and be content to learn that the back axle, traction bars, brakes and all that parafernalia is no off and ready for checking out and servicing. There's virtually no slack in the axle and it certainly spins both wheels when you nail it to the wood, so I don't think there's much wrong.

A quick peep into the brake department didn't reveal anything drastic either, the shoes look great and there are no leaks from the cylinders, so good news there. You ought to try hauling out an 8 3/4 Mopar axle on your own, that gets the veins on your neck standing out, I can tell you.

Next job is to clean up the underside of the back half of the car ready for rustproofing and priming. I'm using phosphoric acid, cleaning it all off, then going straight on with Multifiller. Ultimately, the underside will be painted Jamaica blue and the wheel houses will be undersealed as the car was originally supplied. Underneath the existing underseal is perfect paint, but I'll make sure everything is dry and spotless, so there should be no problems with rot getting in.

The wheel arches have been rolled for slicks and I'll probabaly leave them as they are...you never know when you may need that extra clearance!