July 2016

Time to sort out the back axle, brakes and suspension! I had the axle soda blasted by AC Soda Blasting at Westcott, near Aylebury and that saved me hours of scraping and wire brushing, to clean it up and the whole axle was given a good dousing in Hydrate 80 to kill the corrosion.

After pulling the diff and checking it out, I fitted new slave cylinder rebuild kits and seals, new brake shoes, new bushes (rubber as poly is too stiff for this old bus) and re-piped the axle using a new brake line kit from Austomec in Buckingham, then gave the axle a coat of black acrylic rather than two pack as the two pack proved to be way to shiny and this is no trailer queen.

Next job is to turn the shell up the right way, remove the front end from the rotisserie and support the font end on stands.

Then it's time to straighten out the very badly damaged front valance and weld that back on...that sounds like a full wekend's work, but at least it keeps me out of the pub!