July 2005


It's all been happening this month, in the rush to get the car to the Nats, so I haven't had much time to faff around updating the web site, but I can't let you all down, so here's the latest from the Supershed.

Thanks to the guys at BASF in Didcot, I managed to scrounge a spraybooth, so I had less chance of cocking up the top coat. If I had remembered to give the body a last blow over with air before I painted the car, it would have been just about perfect, but it was getting very late on a Friday night and Colin Drain, the head of customer support was desperate to get home, so I wasn't concentrating.

However, the final job was pretty damned good, even if I say so myself and the trusty DeVilbiss performed faultlessly.

So, I got the car back home and then all hell broke loose.

I fitted the headlining...total nightmare, I'm going to have to do that again at some point especially as there was bugger all extra material to do the sail boards.

I stripped the seats to reupholster them and the front bench I got out of a scrapper in Texas fell to pieces, so I had to rebuild the entire thing before I could re foam it and re upholster it. I've got to say that the Legendary upholstery materials were superb and the quality was unbelievable...I'll have to check where I got that headlining from though...

Got the carpet in...that was shade number 13 moulded by ACC and looks great.

Put the windscreen in and broke it.

Put the reapr door cards and armrests in...fantastic...a bit sticky out over the carpet, but time is running out, so I can fix that afterwards.

Got all the lights in and wired up, checked the brakes, the steering and all that sort of thing and it flew through the MOT with flying colours.

The only thing was that the rather wicked nose down stance has now had to be levelled because I was decking the sump and the pipes, otherwise it drove like a dream and appears to have more than its fair share of grunt!

I'm now waiting for Northampton DVLA to issue me with a number and if States Plates can pull a rabbit out of the hat, we should be heading for Santa Pod Friday morning!