January 2005

It all got a bit hectic over Christmas with the rush to get the engine sorted and upgraded in line with my tuning programme...I needed to sort things like a Hemi fuel pump, big pipes, pressure regulators and stuff, but I got there in the end.

I upgraded to Mopar orange box electronic ignition and got most of the wiring sorted. I even restored the radiator, pressure washing, backflushing (ooer missus!) and soldering up the leaks in the header tank...machined up the missing spacers for the alternator and connected the hoses, we were nearl;y readu to go when I snapped off the temperature gauge sender in the water pump.


Bloody brilliant. It all had to come out again, but never mind, my custom made 3" exhaust system look brilliant and doesn't rattle, just got to wait for the sendre to arrive, re-tap the pump and we are back on schedule!

The engine bay is all together now, the wiring harness is in and to all intents and puposes, I could fire the old bird up, but as electrickery scares me to death, I've decided to get the interior into some sort of order and install the dash plus all the relevant wiring first.

The floor was stripped back to bare metal and sound paint using the trusty rotary wire brush and I applied Euroxy Etch Primer, seam sealer, smooth stone chip and then Diamont basecoat and Crystaltop clear.

I had stripped out the dash to its bare necessities already so I carefully DA sanded the whole thing and with the help of the crew at BASF, and their electron microscope, managed to identiofy how they made up the original Chrysler Baltic Blue.

This has some metallic in it and is a single coat semi matt finish, which we replicated with a satin matt clear and I must say the result is superb. I removed the VIN tag from the dash, very carefully to avoid damage and have match the aircraft style rivets to replace it now the dash is painted.