January 2004

Even more progress! With the season fast approaching I've got to get my finger out and following the Christmas holiday dived under the Runner to see that the 3M stonechip had gone off and mixed up the first batch of R-M Diamont Jaimaica Blue basecoat.

Lying on my back using a crawler I was able to get into all the nooks and crannies using the DeVilbiss GTi suction spraygun, the controllability allowing me to crank down the fan to a spot. The basecoat flashed off in no time and I applied just one and a half coats of R-M Crystaltop HD clearand the result as you can see is superb and will be durable, because the old warhorse is going to see some serious action!

Once everything had dried completely (again, a little infra red to beat the cold weather, though the Supershed is nice and toasty) I could wait to get the original and restored Hemi springs up there compete with the 8 3/4" Sure Grip axle, which has had a through going over including new brakes and cylinders.

Finally, up went a replacement second hand gas tank (that's why there are dents in it) together with the new hand made retaining bolts and restored straps.