February 2005

Sorry I'm a little behind schedule updating the February section and although work has been a little slow, it's still moving along apace.

The brilliant news is that apart from paint the timing marks on the wrong side of the harmonic balancer (what a complete numptie) myself and my old mate Roger connected up the battery, chucked a few gallons of juice in the tank (oil pump and engine fully primed of copurse) and WUUMPHH!!

The motor sounds fantastic. Can't really show you a picture of the engine running and I've got better things to do than record it and plant a wav file on the site...but I might! It's really revvy, sounds a bit like Bob Falfa's '55 in American Graffiti actually.

The transmission is pumping fluid and there are no funny noises coming oput of the box, but I've yet to bang it through the gears.

This months has been spent mainly messing around with the dash wiring and getting all the gauges working and I'm as good at wiring as I am at playing the zither with my teeth, so it's been a very slow process.

So slow in fact I decided to restore the steering wheel as the ones on ebay seem to be bidded through the roof...it would have been great if mine was black, they're easy to find, but good blue ones are like hen's teeth...now I'm gonna receive a thousand emails sayiong I've got one you could have had for fifty bucks.

Anyway, I filled the cracks, gave it a couple of coats of sealerplast 80 and next month you can see how well it turned out!