February 2004

We're cooking on gas! The work's coming along at a pace now, despite a million things to do at work and the home improvement programme.

One of the problems has been getting pix sorted as I generally use a 1948 Rolleiflex camera and I have to get the roll film processed. Now there's an Olympus five megapixel high tech thingy on the way I will be able to plumb in some more detail in short order.

Anyway, while we waite for the postman with his package, the whole of the interior of the trunk has been stripped out, including the bodyschutz sound deadening on the inner quarters that is applied at the factory.

All the surface rust has been whizzed off from under the inside of the rear quartersand the rear window deck panel with the da sander and is scheduled for masking up this weekend, R-M Euroxy primer, 3M two pack seam sealer and R-M Multifiller primer.

The factory rough finish on the inner wings is being reproduced with 3M textured stone chip...naffin' expensive but good stuff. Then it's on with Diamont basecoat and Crystaltop clear throughout the inside of the trunk and up to the rear seat back and under the parcel shelf.

For a street strip car, this is turning out to be restoration, but hey, I've just had the first delivery of parts from Summit Racing in the 'States and as you can see from the accompanying picture, these engine parts are specially designed to ensure the motor is ideally suited to a gentle potter down the shops...

And there's more! The back end is now all welded up, straightened and has been stripped using the angle grinder with a number of heavy duty wire brushes. This removes all the surface rust, all the old seam sealer and any old paint of course.

I had to remove all the old bitumen based body schutz that was splashed up the inside of the rear quarters at the factory, using a heat gun and a stripping knife.

I've replaced that with a textured 3M stone chip and lathered it on, just like they did in St Louis! The inside of the trunk, including under the rear deck, around the hinges etc has all been cleaned off and etch primed with R-M Euroxy.

Once fully dry, the Multifiller black was applied and the seams sealed with 3M two pack seam sealer, mixed and p[oured out into a tin, rather than using the gun. I sploshed it on with a whiskery old brush just like they did at the factory, and it looks...a bit of a mess, but great!