December 2004

Strange that the colder the weather and the darker the evenings, the more progress I seem to make, Oh well who knows, perhaps I was a penguin in a former life. Anyway, great news, the heavy stuff's in!

Got the engine sorted, the Hooker Competition headers on, timed it up and bolted the K frame on. Bolted up the flex plate, new high stall converter and the boxand rolled the whole shooting match underneath, lifted it all up and Bob's your uncle, we are very nearly ready to fire up the old bird.




Just got to build the exhaust system (with a little help from US Automotive) prime up the engine oil system properly, make sure the box is in neutral, bang in the engine wiring harness and hit the go button.


I've even got all the suspension and torsion bars in, the steering linked up and what was a brown denty thing is beginning to look like a car again