December 2003

Well, despite the lack of news, a lot has been going on and over the Christmas holidays, I'll crank the old camera up and post some news and pictures, so stand by your beds!


After all that preparation work, cleaning off all the crud, surface rust and old paint, I masked up the back of the floor (using newspaper, no need for the posh 3M polythene stuff yet) cleaned off all the old underseal from under the wheel arches using the good old rotary wire brush and hit everything with R-M Euroxy.

This two pack epoxy corrosion resisting primer is the dog's whatsits and contrary to what Chrysler thought when building the Runner, I've sealed all the seams with 3M two pack seam sealer, applied with a whiskery old brush, so it looks "Factory".

Once that lot had gone off, with the aid of some infra red, 3M smooth stonechip has been applied to provide added protection and a help soundproofing.

Next job is the first application of Jamaica Blue basecoat and clear!