Austin Seven RP

The latest project is a 1934 Austin Seven RP box saloon that has, for the past eleven years been the subject of a long restoration, but unfortunately was never finished and over the years, a lot of the parts have disappeared, but I love a challenge!Here's the old girl as found all those years ago before the restoration started. I can see some of the bits had already been lost!

Now I know I have more than enough to do with the Alpine at the moment, but I will be pottering along with the old Austin, collecting parts and stuff, so I'll post some progress through the links below, you'll have to be tatient though, in addition to the Alpine, I'm also building a new in and out driveway that extends to about 190 square yards...I think I've taken on a bit more than I can manage!

It took a whole year to complete the drive, which turned into a complete overhaul of the house, together with the addition of an en-suite bathroom. I still have the Sunbeam Alpine to complete but I have been checking out some of the RP's history and seeing this lovely shot of the car having its bottom washed, I can see that originally, it may well have been a Kingfisher Blue car, with what appears to be a dark green leather interior, the remains of which I still have.

A bit of an odd colour combination, but hey ho it looks like it will remain maroon and black now...