August 2011

I wasn't happy with my rebuilt water pump. I thought to myself, if that falls to pieces in the hills of Tuscany I have a pretty slim chance of getting one of those in an Italian car parts shop, so I stopped fannying around and gave Speedy Spares a ring and bought a new one.

It wasn't worth spoiling the ship for a ha'porth of tar and it meant I could get the rest of motor together.

So, everything that needed replacing or refurbishing has been done and the motor is all together, I even stripped the petrol pump, checked the diaphragm, claned out the filters and tested it and everything is 100%.

Whereas some restorers polish everything to within an inch of its life, use stainless bolts and all that, I like to retain the factory look with the evidence of age, so here's the motor, complete with its dull aluminium cylinder head and rocker cover.


It certainly won't be a concours winner, but it isn't meant to be, this is meant to be driven!