August 2004

Great, everything went according to plan apart from a few small bubbles in the clear coat in the engine bay (my fault, I used the wrong thinner for the very warm conditions, so there was a little solvent pop going on) and for the first time in more than a year, I'm actually nailing things on, instad of taking them off!

The wiper motor is back in as is the completely rebuilt brake master cylinder. I've also fitted brand new brake pipes made up for me by the superb Automech in Buckingham, in copper nickel, so they are not only tough they look smart, and don't have that wobbly home made look that copper pipes can have.

Sadly I couldn't source the wire wound original style brake pipes, but hey, I'm not intending to enter the car in a concours competition, so I'm happy that they look great and more importantly, they'll work!

I stripped out the upper suspension arms back to the metal, the bushes and joints were in perfect condition, so I fitted new Year One rubber ball joint seals, sprayed the arms with three coats of black Hammerite and attached them loosely until I can borrow my pal Blue's alignment gear and set up the geometry.

Now the K frame, lower suspension arms and torsion bars are getting the treatment together with new KYB gas adjust shocks...