August 2003

Well, last month wasn't that busy on the car front, what with the Mopar Nats on at Santa Pod and my stuff coming in on container from the 'States, I spent most of the month driving around.

Anyway, we're off to a great start in August with the complete back end of the Runner stripped right out and nearly ready for rust treatment and painting. There's very little rust under the floor, but I'm treating it with something in a red and black bottle (I'll tell you what it is, when I remember!)

The 8 3/4" Sure Grip axle weighed an absolute ton, especially as I did the whole thing single handed, but the axle's in great shape with no slack, slop or graunching noises, so it's getting a good clean up, new lube, with Sure Grip friction modifier and I'm replacing the wheel cylinders, which I got off the shelf from US Automotive in Bedford.

The Hemi rear springs weighed a ton, being heavy duty and these are going to get re-bushed with the sexy polyurethane jobs by Energy Suspension, once we've worked out why they don't list them for 440/Hemi engined cars.

Well, it's mid August and we've solved a few mysteries...the stuff in the red and black bottle is Jenolite and Energy suspension have special bushes for the Hemi springs, which US Automotive have ordered.

The axle is finished, the suregrip diff needed nothing but a clean up and some fresh lube, backlash is spot on and apart from two new brake cylinders that's all the axle needed.

The axle is back together and painted in gloss black Hammerite, as are the springs. All that needs to happen now is to get the springs lubed up, in with the new bushes and the whole lot is ready for reassembly.

This weekend sees the rest of the underfloor cleaned up with a twisted rotary wire brush on an angle grinder and on with some paint. The wheel arches were undersealed from new, so I'll clean then up and do the same. So with the 8¾" Sure grip, my seventies Mr Gasket or Lakewood traction bars, Hemi springs, Energy bushings and Monroe air shocks, we are ready to rock and roll!