August 2016

That's better, the axle's in, the car is up the right way and I've taken it off the rotisserie and the first thing was to straighten out the original front valance and and weld it back in, it took all weekend to get it straight and plug weld all the original spot welds, but it doesn't look bad and it shouldn't fall off!

By the way the shell looks twisted in the picture below but I can assure you that's the lens on my iPhone!

Having build the seat runners from scratch and blending as best I can, the Radford Panels replacement floors, I cleaned up all the interior panel work and the panels from the b posts forward , hitting the lot with Bilt Hamber Hydrate 80 rust treatment, which not only kills any surface rus that might be present, it protects it for the future.

Next job on the agenda is to re-apply the interior dum dum style sealer, which I managed to source through Frosts and it's called Eastwood Flexible strip Caulk and now that the Hydrate 80 is in all the joints, will seal out moisture and dirt in the same way as the original, then it's time to prime and paint the interior...and as if by magic, I've been back in the shed and sorted that out as well!

So, I thought I won't waste time, let's get the back end cleaned up, clean off any tiny bits of surface rust and treat the back end...

...making sure that all the nooks and crannies in the boot are treated'll be at least another half a century before any rust returns.

Now that we are nearing the end of the month, I took the opportunity to do a few of those jobs that needed sortomng prior to priming the whole bodyshell. First was to manufracture the missing steel blanking plate which provides access to the inside of the rear part of the front wing, which had suffered panel damage and needed straightening out. I made that in 18 gauge steel, red oxoide primed it and bolted that in place, then replaced all the factory dum dum body sealant, which I had removed to make a proper repair and replaced with Eastmans Body Caulking from Frosts. This I will prime and paint in body colour, of course.

Then finally for August, using the factory style textured finish (3M stone chip) replaced the sound deadening on the inner rear wings prior to priming and painting.