April 2005

Well, I promise a pic of the dash and here it is. The Year One repro dash pad was an inch short and a bit wobbly which was a bit of a disappointment, but it's better than the cracked old thing that was on there.


I've got all the dash together and the wiring complete and converted so that the front marker lights and rear back up lights work as indicators, all the dials should work, but with my wiring skills, I'm going to run the motor up and check everything out carefully.

I've aligned al;l the suspension for KP caster and camber and it's as near as makes no difference, so it's unlikely the old bird will jump over the hedge at the first corner I come to, next job is to install the carpet, which may sound bonkers, but I have to do that in order to line up the holes for the line lock, which goes down by the drivers seat.

Talking of the drivers seat, looks like that may be just a touch too original for every day use.

Anyway, once that's sorted, it's back to the bodywork, paint the door shuts and get the doors and the hood on...we're getting there...