April 2003

The Road Runner has been waiting since November last year for the completion of Supershed, before work could start, it's April and now it's go, go. GO!

When the car was imported it was dented all over and was crashed underneath the A post, where it appears to have jumped the armco. This has creased the floor and knocked the door out of alignment and may have even been responsible for the cracked screen, so realigning the shell was essential, if I wanted it to run straight!




Duncan Watts originally imported the car for racing (which it will be doing again!) and it's obvious he knew exactly what he was doing, because the shell is as sound as a pound, with hardly a spot of rust anywhere. This means we were able to mount the car on a Blackhawk Korek vehicle alignment jig for realignment.



After a lot of hard work, including removing the front wing and door, plus cutting out crumpled inner and outer sills, plus a rather wrinkly chassis outrigger, the car has been checked with a Shark ultrasonic measuring system at Baldwins in Aylesbury. Baldwins now have 1970 Road Runner dimensions on their computerised measuring system and the car is now within 3mm in all three dimensions…that's better than it was new!

Now it's loads of cleaning, beadblasting and welding…it'll be ready in no time.