April 2011

Naturally, the soda blasting revealed a few little holes, but overall, the shell is as sound as a pound! I've welded the inner front valence, which I made from scratch using 18 gauge steel and I have to say, with the body bolted to the rotisserie, it makes the job an absolute please.

No more lying on the cold concrete floor with blobs of hot metal flying down the neck of your overalls and setting fire to your vest!

So, as we enter April, I'm repairing the finer parts of the body, with custom made panels, spot welding as per the factory, where possible and plug welding the rest.


Here's the body on the rotisserie.

...and here's a look inside the driver's side front wheel arch, which I'm now removing the factory sealant and cleaning up the underseal that the soda blasters unfortunately missed, but hey ho, the rest of the job was great and I'm not unbolting the whole shell again!

once again you can see the heat spread from the factory welds...